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Industrial building use

An industrial building can be used for the storage of substances or products, animal husbandry or storage in plantations, depending on its construction and/or design. In technical terms, this means that it functions as a shelter, workshop, garage, storage space or office and can have many functions. There is not just one utility vehicle, but a few, meeting the buyer's needs. More informations : . who will choose the materials as well as the dimensions, in height or width. Combining comfort, safety and durability, a commercial building is above all a structure designed to last over time thanks to quality materials. In terms of material, galvanized steel is used, transformed into resistant profiles.

Concrete for a construction

It may be useful to recall a few factors to understand the viability of reinforced concrete. Concrete is a compression-resistant material although it is not tensile resistant. Steel, on the other hand, is a material that is both tensile and exceptionally strong. It is the combination of these two substances that provides what is called reinforced concrete. By definition, reinforced concrete is a substance in which metal reinforcements are added to obtain reinforced concrete. The combination of substances allows reinforced concrete to be resistant to compression and tensile strength. This reinforced concrete is often used in civil engineering structures.

Repair of concrete structure

Despite its durability, concrete does not resist cracks and imperfections. Damaged concrete may need to be repaired, if only to restore it to its original appearance and prevent it from further deterioration. Discover pipe repair composite. First of all, we remind you that a burst concrete can be a sign of a fragile structure, or even a concrete slab in poor condition. If you are not a construction professional, remember to contact a specialist, do not glue the crack to repair your concrete! The fixing of a concrete will require a precise and rigorous procedure. The reinforcement of the concrete that was in place is most often covered with rust. Once the fittings are updated, you can wash them and use a corrosion inhibitor. This can prevent moisture from attacking the strength of your concrete. Repairs will then have to be started. You will start by implementing an adhesion binder, which is essential to facilitate the adhesion of patches. All you have to do is pour a new concrete, adapted to a construction (self-levelling concrete, refractory concrete, self-placing concrete, etc.).


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